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Fashion Addiction

At first, I'm not the type of girl who was obsessed with fashion, or even care about it.
I'm the one who wear what I want, and dress freely.

But since I watched Asian Next Top Model, a fashion series that shows about competition among the models selected in each countries, I started to grew my feelings toward fashion. I love how they dress classy and elegantly, and how they do photoshoots. And oh, photoshoots, how I love them right now.



Still, I don't really do fashion. I can only mention and apply some, but I'm not really into it.
One day, I found some inspiring fashion show on YouTube. It's Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 fashion show in Paris, France. Look how adorable the concept is. The models are sitting on the horse-seat of the carousel, before their turn to stand and do the runway. The dresses are so cute, dominated by pastel-themed colours. My favs are the laser cut-tops and the full skirts. Here are the video, watch how the show went on

And... here goes the runway's documentary. Adorable, aren't they?


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High School Story

Hi, everyone!
Sooo sorry for the very very late post. I've been ignoring vacuuming my blogger account all this time for a while,
and i feel like, abandoning my own site is too bad.
It's March 2014 and I've entered the high school, the senior one,
the times when everyone thougts are like, "the best moments of your life"

Well, I want to know. I will wait to prove.

It's been for about eight months since I registered for my high school. And it's been two semester since I bond my class, Radio. My high school have some blogworthy events, like MSFL(sort of soccer league), KTS(two days and three nights in a village,cool!), Markarasta (class' inagurations 'till the midnight), and some other fun events, but our best event is Nevasca.
*you can click this account for more information : twitter | facebook

Our high school have such a brilliant idea to promote Nevasca 2014 with posting/changing our ava into the pose of V-formed fingers. Here's the preview of mine :)

And...for Markarasta 2013 three months ago, Radio performed a teathrical dance about Little Red Riding Hood. Here are some caps :3

Later in Junior High School, I felt like I've found my true besties, but I've never feel like I had soooo many friends. So I decided to change my personality, slowly of course, to improve myself and get a life. I mean a real life. And I've ever talk to myself "How about getting some experiences I'll miss later, and get some crazy moments, like, right now?"

And I feel these days, that I utterly changed, from quiet to noisy, from extremely diligent to lazy (yeah,you may not inspired with this), from stiff to friendly. Big thanks to you, my class-dummies, you've changed my whole life. You gave me new experiences I expected to learn. Thank you, thank you.

So, yeah, that's it. That's my high school story. But it's not over yet. I might post some new updates later. How's yours? How's your high school story so far? Tag me in the comment.

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